Neurology Clinic

Aston Neurology Clinic

The General Neurology Clinic at UT Southwestern Medical Center includes specialists in virtually every aspect of neurologic disease. We offer our expertise in the diagnosis and care of patients suffering from known or suspected neurologic illnesses.

Who We Are

We are an innovative clinic that helps create the standards by which neurological care is measured nationwide. Our world-class physicians rely on innovative diagnostic methods and treatments for patients with many types of neurological disorders.

In addition to providing outpatient care for adult neurology patients (generally over age 16), the Neurology Clinic also includes a Multiple Sclerosis Clinic and an infusion clinic staffed with chemotherapy-certified nurses as well as a neurophysiology laboratory offering state-of-the-art nerve conduction studies, electromyography (EMG), single-fiber EMG, and autonomic studies.

We also offer outpatient electroencephalography (EEG) and polysomnography (sleep studies), where the latest technology in video EEG monitoring is available for outpatient or inpatient evaluations.

Specialty Clinics

Our neurology specialists also offer care for patients with Multiple Sclerosis in the Clinical Center for Multiple Sclerosis, located in Professional Office Building 1.


4th Floor Specialties
Neuromuscular Disorders
Movement Disorders
Stroke and Memory

8th Floor Specialties
General Neurology
Epilespy and Headache