Veripath Laboratories

Veripath Laboratories, the reference laboratory services of the Department of Pathology, was established to support the service, research, and educational mission of UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Veripath has progressively introduced a number of diagnostic laboratory procedures that are not commonly available. We now offer this testing to the larger medical community to provide regional testing in a timely fashion.

We believe that our uniquely specialized pathologist and clinical consultation services add value to our test offerings. Integrating high-quality patient care with academic enterprise, we have built multiple high-complexity testing areas that are backed by specialized expertise and active consultative services.

An Unmatched Offering

The true product of the laboratory is quality information, not just analytical data. At Veripath, a major consideration in the development of our test offerings is meeting the clinician's needs in the context of a patient's complex medical illness.

Our faculty's contributions to individual patient problem-solving are essential in making these tests accessible to the community. Our experienced faculty pathologists, clinical scientists, and dedicated staff bring a unique combination of skills to generate quality information that guides the appropriate management of patients.

We are proud to serve the needs of patients and physicians at UT Southwestern, the Dallas-Fort Worth community, Texas, and beyond.

Ravindra Sarode, M.D.
Medical Director, Veripath Laboratories