Voice Problems

A voice problem is any change in the voice that lasts more than 2 weeks. Voice problems can occur due to medical issues, overuse, misuse, and abuse.

Common voice problems we treat include:

Voice Care Treatments

Lesley Childs, M.D., prepares to perform a videostroboscopy of the vocal folds.

Serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond, our voice care team specializes in voice disorders. After a full review of your medical history and a physical evaluation, we will diagnose and develop a treatment plan for your voice condition.

Voice care treatments offered by the Voice Care team include:

  • Botox injections for spasmodic dysphonia and laryngeal tremor
  • Comprehensive evaluation and care of the speaking and singing voice
  • In-office pulsed KTP laser treatments
  • In-office vocal cord injections
  • Laryngeal EMG
  • Management of airway and swallowing problems
  • Microsurgery of the vocal cords
  • Software-based voice analysis
  • Thyroplasty and vocal cord augmentation for vocal cord paralysis or weakness
  • Videostroboscopy for the assessment of vocal cord vibrations
  • Voice therapy to optimize the voice production mechanism

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If you experience any change in your voice that is impacting your livelihood, we can help. To schedule an appointment with one of our laryngologists, or for more information about our services, call 214-645-8300.