Voice Care

Many people don’t know that unexplained or perplexing changes in the voice can be corrected or significantly improved, often with therapy alone, or in some cases with minimally invasive procedures.

Serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond, the Clinical Center for Voice Care is a unique resource where all aspects of your voice can be assessed and treated in one location by a highly specialized, multidisciplinary team.

UTSW Voice Center expanding to Fort Worth

The Voice Center team will now be able to increase its capacity to care for even more in the North Texas area and beyond, thanks to the opening of the UT Southwestern Monty & Tex Moncrief Medical Center at Fort Worth. There, fellowship-trained laryngologist Kathleen Tibbetts, M.D., and speech-language pathologists Janis Deane, CCC-SLP and Se-in Kim, CCC-SLP, have begun providing the same high-level, collaborative patient care as the team in Dallas.

Who We Treat

We treat professionals who rely on their voices – singers, actors, public speakers, lawyers, preachers, and teachers – as well as seniors or anyone experiencing vocal difficulties.

Come see us if you notice any voice changes, including:  

Our team also provides well-visits for singers and performers at an affordable price. These visits include a perceptual and objective evaluation of the speaking and singing voice, as well as a videostroboscopy to examine the vocal folds. 

Our Voice Care Team

Members of the Clinical Center for Voice Care include: (left to right) Cristina Duran, M.S., CCC-SLP; Associate Professor Barbara Schultz, M.D.; Amy Hamilton, M.A., CCC-SLP; Assistant Professor and Center Director Ted Mau, M.D., Ph.D.; Laura Toles, M.S., CCC-SLP; Assistant Professor Lesley Childs, M.D.; and Janis Deane, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, Chief, Speech-Language Pathology.

Our team consists of fellowship-trained laryngologists, speech-language pathologists with expertise in voice disorders, and singing-voice specialists. In addition to treating patients, our staff also conducts research in the field of laryngology and voice care. 

Education and outreach are also part of our mission. We can provide presentations about vocal health to your choir, department, or organization.

We are passionate about what we do, and we are here to help you rediscover your voice.

Listen: Lesley Childs, M.D., and Janis Deane, CCC-SLP, talk about the importance of the voice in our daily lives, as a tool of communication, and so much more.

Request an Appointment

If you experience any change in your voice that is impacting your livelihood, we can help. To schedule an appointment with one of our laryngologists, or for more information about our services, call 214-645-8300.