Cornea and Eye Transplant

A diseased, scarred, swollen, or irregularly shaped cornea can cause poor vision or blindness. A cornea transplant can give the gift of sight to a patient whose vision cannot be corrected by other treatments.

Approximately 40,000 cornea transplants are performed annually in the United States. With a success rate greater than 85 percent, cornea transplants are the most successful of all transplant surgeries. Physicians at UT Southwestern Medical Center perform numerous outpatient cornea transplants each year, as well as other eye-tissue transplants such as sclera patch grafts. 

Our Services

UT Southwestern is home to a nationally recognized Transplant Services Center, which specializes in all areas of care – from tissue donations to transplantation.

In addition to their excellent training and experience, our physicians share a research focus dedicated to providing greater understanding of transplant immunology. For example, UT Southwestern’s Ophthalmology Department performs groundbreaking research into allergies and their relationship to corneal transplant rejection and acceptance.