Lung Transplant Evaluation and Waiting List

The decision to perform a lung transplant depends on many factors. These include patients’ overall health, the severity of their lung disease, the availability of suitable donor lungs, and patient preferences and treatment goals. Our lung experts partner with you and your family to choose the most appropriate treatment.

Lung transplantation aims to prolong your life and improve its quality. If, after a thorough evaluation, we believe that a lung transplant is the best treatment option for you – and you wish to pursue this option – your name is added to the national United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) waiting list.

Your wait status is dictated by how sick you are and the availability of suitable donor lungs. Due to the shortage of donor lungs, the wait time for lung transplantation can be a year or more – although UT Southwestern’s median wait time is significantly shorter than it is at many other centers.