Kidney Transplant Program

Our pioneering program offers expedited evaluation, a high physician-to-patient ratio, and a statewide network of care.

UT Southwestern Medical Center Kidney Transplant Program
Meet our kidney transplant team, see our new state-of-the-art facility, and learn how our world-renowned surgeons and specialists provide comprehensive care for patients with advanced kidney disease requiring transplantation.

Using the most advanced techniques and technologies, UT Southwestern’s kidney transplant specialists are equipped to help kidney failure patients who have run out of other treatment options.

Our team’s specialized training and skills allow us to treat patients with even the most complicated cases of kidney disease, including those with other serious medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease. UT Southwestern accepts many patients who have been turned away by other centers.

About Our Program

Our nationally recognized Kidney Transplant Program has performed more than 400 kidney transplants since 2007 – experience and expertise that result in exceptional patient outcomes.

UTSW heart and VAD transplant volumes

Our three-year renal graft survival rate correlates with the national average, and our physician-to-patient ratio is among one of the nation’s highest. This enables us to provide patients with more personal attention and promptly address issues that can greatly improve care and outcomes.

Known for groundbreaking work in kidney transplantation, our expert physicians and scientists are behind several innovations that have become national standards of care. For example, UT Southwestern’s program was one of the first to use anti-lymphocyte antibodies to prevent and treat rejection; calcium channel blockers to improve the early function of transplanted kidneys; and molecular biology to better match donor kidneys with the patients who need them.

Ongoing research is vital to the success of our program. As an academic medical center, we take part in a number of clinical trials and other research aimed at improving patient care and outcomes.

Clinical trials give patients access to the most promising new treatments before they are available to the public. If you are a kidney patient, talk with your doctor to learn if participating in a clinical trial could be right for you.

Patient-Focused Support and Clinics Statewide

UT Southwestern’s comprehensive Kidney Transplant Program delivers multidisciplinary, patient-centered transplant medical care.

Our team includes nephrologists (kidney doctors), surgeons, and specialized nursing staff, as well as cancer imaging and infectious diseases specialists, transplant coordinators, social workers, nutritionists, pharmacists, and financial coordinators.

This team of specialists works together to provide ongoing medical management and facilitate the process for patients and families every step of the way – from patients awaiting kidney transplants to those who have already received them.

This includes comprehensive outpatient treatment of transplant recipients, such as infection prevention, immunosuppression management, and long-term monitoring and care.

For our patients’ convenience, the Kidney Transplant Program extends far beyond Dallas/Fort Worth. Our kidney care satellite clinics are now located across Texas – in Amarillo, El Paso, Fort Worth, Lubbock, and Richardson/Plano – allowing patients to easily access world-class kidney care before and after their transplant surgeries in Dallas.

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with one of our kidney transplant specialists or to learn more about what UT Southwestern offers to patients with advanced kidney disease, call 214-645-1919.

You can also apply online to be considered for a kidney transplant. Applications are available in both English and Spanish.

Physician Referrals

Dedicated Intake Coordinators make it easy and convenient for physicians to refer transplant patients to UT Southwestern. To schedule a referral with a kidney transplant specialist, call Transplant Intake Coordinator Susan Neill, RN, B.S.N. at 877-392-1528 (answered 24 hours/7 days a week).


Nephrologists (Kidney Doctors)

Kidney Transplant Surgeons

Infectious Diseases Physicians


UT Southwestern University Hospital Kidney/Lung Clinic in Amarillo
Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic, P.A.
6700 W. Ninth Avenue
Amarillo, Texas 79106 

Kidney and Liver Transplant Clinic
Professional Office Building 2
5939 Harry Hines Blvd.
7th Floor, Suite 700
Dallas, Texas 75390-9244

William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital
6201 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75390 

UT Southwestern University Hospital Kidney/Liver Clinic at the Moncrief Cancer Institute
400 W. Magnolia Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 76104 

UT Southwestern Advanced Kidney Disease and Transplant Clinic in Lubbock
602 Indiana Avenue
Lubbock, Texas 79415 

UT Southwestern University Hospital Kidney Clinic in Richardson/Plano
Clinical Center at Richardson/Plano
3030 Waterview Parkway, 2nd floor
Richardson, Texas 75080