Multi-organ Transplants

Heart health strongly impacts the health of the liver, lungs, and kidneys – and vice versa – and as a result these organs sometimes fail together. In these cases, the heart as well as the liver, or one or both lungs or kidneys can be replaced at the same time with healthy donor organs. Our surgeons and physicians have a collective wealth of experience in the arena of multiple-organ transplantation. Following a multidisciplinary, team-based approach, we work closely with our colleagues from UT Southwestern’s other specialized transplant programs to ensure comprehensive care.

In 2016, we performed five multi-organ transplants affecting the heart. Among those cases was a combined heart/liver transplant (one of only 18 performed in the U.S. that year). Andrea Joyner, a 39-year-old patient from East Texas who suffered from a rare genetic metabolic disorder called hemochromatosis, was the recipient of this rare transplant. Read her story.

Rare double transplant keeps life "playing on" for Texas musician
Transplant surgeons recently performed their first heart/liver transplant at UT Southwestern Medical Center – saving the life of a singer/musician from a small Texas town.