At UT Southwestern Medical Center, we aim to help patients resume life without back and neck pain, with a focus on effective, long-term results. You can rely on our physicians to accurately pinpoint spine disorders and apply most current solutions available, not only in North Texas, but the world.

This includes nonsurgical treatments and minimally invasive spine procedures that require extremely small incisions, new modular disc implants to allow for more mobility than previous technology, spinal fusion surgery, and disc arthroplasty.

Although we are leaders in the latest spine surgery procedures and technology, our physicians have found that effective nonoperative treatments and lifestyle changes can often improve back and neck disorders. In fact, for nine out of ten patients, the best relief for back pain is not surgery.

Comprehensive Spine Care

Whether someone is seeing a UT Southwestern spine specialist for an initial diagnosis or second opinion, our goal is to prescribe the most suitable option for the individual. We individualize the course of treatment, based on a variety of factors, including the cause of the back or neck problem and your lifestyle. This may or may not be surgery.

Outstanding Diagnostic Technology

Our first step in treating spine disorders is accurately pinpointing the problem. Our doctors listen to patients. We then conduct a thorough evaluation using the latest technology available, including  computerized thermography (CT scan), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), bone scans, and other diagnostic tools.