Comprehensive Orthopaedic Care

The Orthopaedic Surgery team at UT Southwestern Medical Center has long been recognized in North Texas for successfully treating injuries and disorders that affect the musculoskeletal system, which includes the bones, joints, and muscles.

US News 2017 Regional Hospitals - High Performing in 8 Types of Care
US News 2017 Regional Hospitals - High Performing in Orthopaedics

High Performing in Orthopaedics

UT Southwestern’s orthopaedics care earned High Performing recognition in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hospitals list.

A wide range of adult and pediatric patients rely on our expertise to restore movement and relieve pain.

Our team of surgeons, medical doctors, and health care professionals are experts in their fields. These specialties include back, neck, and spinefoot and anklehand, wrist, and elbow; hipkneeshouldersports medicine; and trauma and fractures

Multidisciplinary Care

Our approach to care is multidisciplinary, meaning that we bring together an exceptional range of surgical and medical knowledge and experience to fully understand and treat injuries and disorders.

This includes:

  • Highly accurate diagnosis of orthopaedic injuries and disorders, using the latest diagnostic technology available
  • Innovative non-surgical treatments for a variety of injuries and conditions, ranging from back pain to shoulder impingement
  • Leading-edge surgical care, such as arthroscopic and minimally invasive procedures for spine, shoulder, and knee surgery, as well as hip replacement.

Rehabilitative Therapy

After the surgical course of treatment is complete, we offer outstanding rehabilitative therapy to achieve the best long-term results possible. Our rehabilitation team includes nurses, neuropsychologists, psychologists, and occupational, physical, and recreational therapists.