Heart Transplantation

Over a recent 30-month period, UT Southwestern Medical Center’s heart transplant program was rated the best in the nation for achieving the highest survival rate (100 percent) for one-year post-transplant patients.

Since our heart transplant program began in 1988, our surgeons have performed more than 400 transplant operations.

UT Southwestern has consistently been ranked among the top 10 in the United States, and our three-year survival rate of 81.8 percent exceeds the national average (79.2 percent).

Tests and Exams

Our heart transplant specialists work within a team of physicians who specialize in all aspects of cardiovascular, imaging, and transplantation medicine. Our transplant specialists also provide you with the ongoing medical management and care needed while you wait for a transplant, as well as when you have already received a transplant.


The collaborative efforts of our physicians, nursing coordinators, dietitians, social workers, and other counselors enable the heart transplant program to excel in providing you with attentive care. The heart transplant program is dedicated to providing expert and personalized care for a specific condition – within a setting that also takes full advantage of UT Southwestern’s advanced medical resources.

Our heart transplant specialists are widely recognized by their peers as leading authorities in the innovative and effective use of surgical procedures to perform transplants. In addition, our extensive research programs allow our specialists to pioneer patient care practices that achieve impressive results for patients undergoing transplant procedures.