Contact Dermatitis and Skin Allergies

UT Southwestern Medical Center offers some of the most advanced therapies available for the treatment of contact dermatitis and skin allergies.

Our physicians have experience and expertise with allergic and/or toxic reactions caused by substances such as nickel, latex, cosmetics, medications, and industrial chemicals. We also treat eczema and other allergy-related skin conditions.

UT Southwestern has two specialty clinical practices for patients with skin allergies.

Occupational Skin Disease and Skin Allergy Clinical Practice

Offering a comprehensive clinical program for the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases related to work and work environments, the Occupational Skin Disease and Skin Allergy practice has more than 400 chemicals available for skin allergy testing in patients suspected of having a skin disorder related to occupational exposure. Trained and experienced personnel conduct individual analysis as well as industrial detective work to identify offending agents.

Photosensitivity/Phototesting Clinical Practice

UT Southwestern's Photosensitivity/Phototesting practice focuses on diagnosing and treating sun-induced skin disorders for the many patients in the southern United States where sun-sensitivity problems are relatively common. Skin tests may be performed to identify the specific agent (sometimes a chemical found in medications or cosmetics) that underlies the sun-sensitivity disorder.

Patients with skin allergies can also be treated by our allergy service.