Autoimmune Diseases

UT Southwestern Medical Center offers some of the most advanced therapies available for autoimmune diseases, which are often difficult to diagnose and treat. We are home to the Rheumatic Skin Disease Service and its licensed immunodermatology laboratory, which focuses care on patients with skin lupus and other autoimmune skin disorders. The Rheumatic Skin Disease Referral Center is the only one of its kind in Texas.

Our physicians are widely respected by their peers as leaders in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and have special interests in difficult-to-treat disorders such as lupus and scleroderma. Among the other autoimmune conditions we treat are vasculitis, connective-tissue disorders, neutrophilic diseases, sarcoidosis, and bullous (blistering) diseases.

Two of our specialty clinical practices treat patients who have certain types of autoimmune disease:

Blistering Diseases Clinical Practice
Diagnoses and treats conditions manifested by blisters, some of which are caused by autoimmune diseases
Hispanic Dermatology Clinical Practice
Focuses on the special needs of Hispanic patients, including some of the pigmentary disorders that are frequently found in this population group; Spanish-speaking medical personnel and Spanish language educational materials available at all times