Clinical Outcomes/Patient Safety

Clinical Outcomes

Outcome measures are the most important barometers of health care performance. Simply put, “outcomes” are the results of care received by our patients. For instance, did the patient survive their procedure or treatments? Were they satisfied with their care? Were there any complications as a result of their care?

Outcomes reflect the ability of UT Southwestern Medical Center – or any other health care system – to produce the results that patients and health care providers expect.

We invite you to view UT Southwestern’s outcomes performance in the following area:

Clinical OutcomesUT Southwestern University Hospitals
Control of Diabetes
Patient Readmissions
Patient Mortality - Clements
Patient Mortality - Zale Lipshy
Patient Mortality Rates for Certain Conditions   

Patient Safety

Maintaining a medically safe environment and implementing practices that ensure patient safety are very important to UT Southwestern Medical Center. Our patients rightly expect to receive care administered with a high degree of safety when they are being treated in our hospitals and clinics. We expect it of ourselves as well.

All UT Southwestern employees are trained to report any issues impacting patient safety. We encourage the confidential reporting of errors/events to learn from them and to prevent future events. Issues brought to the attention of our staff are also reported.

We use safety information and feedback from patients and staff to improve our systems and processes – all with the goal of providing patients the best care possible.

We invite you to view UT Southwestern patient safety performance in the following areas:

Patient Safety MeasuresUT Southwestern
University Hospitals
Central Line-Associated Blood Stream Infections (CLABSI)
Clostridium difficile (C.diff.) infections
Complications of Hospitalization
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Bloodstream infections
Patient Falls with Injury
Rate of Complications for Hip/Knee Replacement Patients
Urinary Catheter-Associated Infections (CAUTI)

Surgical Infections

UT Southwestern Medical Center has a tradition of excellence in providing surgical care to patients. Our state-of-the-art facilities and surgical teams provide treatments ranging from routine outpatient procedures to the most complex operations.

UT Southwestern monitors many aspects of surgical care to ensure we are providing the best treatments possible. Some of the aspects we monitor are surgical infection rates for various surgical procedures.

Compare UT Southwestern’s scores with state and national averages for the following patient safety measures:

Best Practices/Patient Safety MeasureUT Southwestern University Hospitals
Surgical site infections from colon surgery
Surgical site infections from abdominal hysterectomy