Adjunctive Smart Phone Based Smoking Cessation Treatment

Study ID
STU 012014-012

Cancer Related

Healthy Volunteers

Study Sites

  • Parkland Health & Hospital System

Michael Businelle

Principal Investigator
Michael Businelle


Participants (n [?] 75) will be recruited for the current study during their initial orientation visit to the Parkland Health and Hospital System, Stop Smoking Class and Clinic every Monday morning. individuals who are interested and eligible for participation in this study will receive uC (Parkland smoking cessation program) plus a tailored, adaptive, smart phone delivered smoking cessation intervention. Participants will be followed weekly from 1 week pre-quit through 4 weeks post-quit. all participants will be asked to attend 6 weekly visits, 4 of these visits will include a thorough assessment that may be completed either before or after their scheduled Parkland treatment appointments, for which they will receive $30 each in the form of Wal-Mart gift cards (4 assessments x $30 [?] up to $120 in gift cards). all participants will receive a smartphone at the 1 week pre-quit visit and they will be asked to carry it with them at all times. Participants will complete eMa assessments 5 times per day (4 random assessments + 1 daily dairy) for three consecutive weeks. Geographic location coordinates will be captured during each eMa assessment to link characteristics of the neighborhood environment (e.g., neighborhood socioeconomic status, proximity to tobacco outlets) with cessation-related outcomes. Participants will be compensated upon the return of the smartphone at visit 4 (2 weeks post-quit), and based on the percentage of random assessments that they complete. Specifically, those who complete 50%-74% of assessments will receive a $40 gift card, those who complete 75%-89% of assessments will receive an $80 gift card, and those who complete 90% or more of their assessments will receive a $120 gift card. Participants will not be compensated for completing participant initiated assessments (i.e., urge assessments, pre-quit smoking assessments, lapse assessments). Participants will be asked to attend a follow-up visit 12 weeks after their quit date. at this visit, participants will complete additional questionnaires and their smoking status will be assessed. expired carbon monoxide and weight will also be measured. Participants will receive a $30 gift card for completing the 12 week follow-up assessment visit.

Participant Eligibility

1) score >= 4 on the REALM Short Form indicating > 6th grade English literacy level
2) are willing to quit smoking 7 days from their first visit
3) are >= 18 years of age
4) have an expired CO level >= 8 ppm suggestive of current smoking
5) are currently smoking >= 5 cigarettes per day
6) are willing and able to attend 6 weekly sessions (i.e., week -1, quit day, week +1, week +2, week +3, week +4) and a 12 week post-quit follow-up session
7)have not previously participated in Project PREVAIL [STU 042011-096] at Parkland Hospital