Building Momentum

Dr. Michael White
Dr. Michael White

The continuing generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Simmons propels the Cancer Center forward, notably through a $50 million commitment to ensure UT Southwestern’s eminence in care and research for all types of cancer.

Extramural funding for Simmons Cancer Research totals $53 million.

The Cancer Center launches its Chemistry and Cancer, Development and Cancer, Cancer Cell Networks, and Molecular Pathogenesis and Therapeutic Targeting of Cancer scientific programs with institutional leadership from Drs. Melanie Cobb, Luis Parada, Steve McKnight, and John Minna to shed new light on factors that cause and promote cancer, and on the disease’s vulnerabilities and potential therapies. Cell biologist Dr. Michael White is named Associate Director for Basic Research.

A $9.8 million grant from NASA fuels research into the effects of radiation on astronauts, to better protect future space travelers and learn more about the risks of radiation exposure on Earth.

The Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) awards accreditation to UT Southwestern’s adult bone marrow transplant program, and the Myelodysplastic Syndromes Foundation recognizes UT Southwestern as a Center of Excellence in research, diagnosis, and treatment.

The Department of Radiation Oncology begins its residency training program, the first in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


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