Ayesha Zia, M.D.

Ayesha Zia, M.D., is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Childrens Medical Center's Hemostasis Thrombosis Center and the UT Southwestern School of Medicine. She obtained her medical degree from King Edward Medical University and completed fellowships in pediatric hematology/oncology and pediatric hemostasis/thrombosis at Children's Hospital of Michigan. Her clinical and translational research interests are geared toward pediatric patients with bleeding and clotting disorders. She leads the multidisciplinary "Young Women's Blood Disorders Clinic" at Children's Medical Center, focused on improving the care of adolescent girls with menorrhagia and bleeding disorders as well as girls with thrombophilia. Dr. Zia is also the institutional co-investigator for several clinical trials investigating new treatments in hemostasis and thrombosis, including new medications for hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and blood clots. View profile.

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Can a Fitbit help prevent blood clot complications in kids?

Can a Fitbit help prevent blood clot complications in kids?


Dr. Ayesha Zia, a pediatric hematologist, is currently recruiting children and young adults ages 7 to 21 who have had a lower-extremity DVT. She’s studying the increase of physical activity, with a Fitbit, and the impact to life-changing complications down the road that are related to their blood clot.

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