7 drinks that may affect cancer risk

mug of coffee
  1. Alcohol

    Although studies claim moderate alcohol consumption is heart-healthy, the same cannot be said for reducing cancer risks. Research has found alcohol, specifically the ethanol in alcohol, can increase the risk for many cancers.

  2. Coffee

    More coffee, please! Researchers have found drinking black coffee (no cream, sugar, or flavorings) may lower the risk of some cancers and reduce recurrence in colon cancer patients.

  3. Green tea

    Green tea has many health benefits, and studies show the antioxidants and enzymes it contains may slow down or prevent the growth of cancer cells and the spread of tumors.

  4. Energy drinks

    Although there is no direct link between energy drinks and cancer, health professionals discourage drinking them regularly due to problematically high levels of caffeine and sugar.

  5. Sports drinks

    Sports drinks aren’t much better. Because they include excess sugar and carbohydrates, these beverages are loaded with extra calories, contributing to obesity and other health problems that elevate cancer risks.

  6. Soda

    Resist this vending machine temptation! The caramel dye in dark-colored sodas, known as 4-Mel, is a known carcinogen, proven to cause or elevate the risk of cancer.

  7. Bottled water

    Drink plenty of water but beware the bottle. Some plastics contain Bisphenol-A (BPA), a possible hormone disrupter that could potentially leach into the water and lead to cancer or other serious problems.

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