Innovative technique now available for breast reconstruction

UT Southwestern now offers a new, innovative, and highly successful approach to breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. The technique, known as four-flap breast reconstruction, uses fat and skin from the back of each leg and from two spots on the stomach to reconstruct natural breast tissues.

The four-flap technique can be particularly beneficial to women who are thinner and have less body fat for surgeons to use in reconstruction. UTSW is one of only two places in the world that offers the procedure.

“The aesthetic benefits are pretty dramatic. You get all the volume at once,” says Nicholas Haddock, M.D., Assistant Professor of Plastic and Orthopaedic Surgery, who performs the procedure along with Sumeet Teotia, M.D., Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery. “It allows us, as surgeons, to use the same blood vessels in the chest instead of having to use blood vessels in the back.”

Dr. Teotia adds, “The technique reaches a new height in breast reconstructive surgery, using your own tissue. It’s a combination of engineering, microsurgery, and art, so we concentrate on the fact that our product ultimately has to have a beautiful result.”

Dr. Teotia notes that because of the procedure’s complexity “only a particularly healthy, motivated, and discerning patient would be an ideal candidate for this new approach to breast reconstruction.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Haddock or Dr. Teotia, call 214-645-8300.