Finding the Right Care from the Right Specialist

With apologies to Johnny Lee, if you’ve been lookin’ for docs in all the wrong places, you need to check out UT Southwestern's “Find a Doctor” feature on our patient care website,

UT Southwestern Medical Center's website on a laptop computer
"Find a Doctor" at

The site offers individual physician profile pages that include the doctor’s educational background, specialty areas, clinical and research interests, and professional achievements. Many profies include an expanded “Meet the Doctor” page with a Q&A section on topics related to the physician’s specialty.

Once on the site, you can search for a doctor by specialty, medical condition, or the doctor’s name, or you can narrow your selection to search for a physician by gender.

And once you’ve found Dr. Right, you can conveniently request an appointment online. “Find a Doctor” is fast, easy, and always available. Find it at