Cool New Treatment Gets Rid of Pesky Fat

Eliminating unwanted body fat has become almost a national pastime. Yet for many, some fat cells are simply resistant to diet and exercise. Worse yet, those cells gravitate to highly visible areas in the lower torso such as the side of the waistline.

UT Southwestern Plastic Surgery now offers a nonsurgical treatment option targeting the removal of such unwanted areas. Called CoolSculpting, the procedure uses special technology to freeze targeted fat cells, which then die and are eliminated from the body naturally, leaving aesthetically contoured lines in their wake.  

According to UTSW Vice Chair of Plastic Surgery Jeffrey M. Kenkel, M.D., who’s not only an expert at administering the procedure but also a recipient of its benefits, the CoolSculpting treatment is effective but really only half the battle.

“For long-term impact, it’s important for a patient to also maintain a healthy weight,” Dr. Kenkel says. “Through our BodyWise 360 Challenge, we can partner with patients to provide tips and guidance if lifestyle changes involving diet and exercise are needed.”

Typically, patients within 20 percent of their optimal weight are good CoolSculpting candidates, which a UTSW plastic surgeon can determine after an evaluation. Learn more about the CoolSculpting procedure and the BodyWise 360 Challenge. 

A Challenge Worth Taking
UT Southwestern Plastic Surgery offers the BodyWise 360 Challenge, combining individualized CoolSculpting treatments with fitness and nutrition coaching. To take the Challenge and find out if CoolSculpting is the right choice for you, call 214-645-8300.