Instant Rhinoplasty

Instant Rhinoplasty image

Injectable fillers can give a temporary altered look in only minutes

Until recently, people uncomfortable with their nose’s appearance either had to undergo cosmetic surgery or simply learn to accept nature’s fate. Not anymore.

Instant rhinoplasty, also called a nonsurgical nose job, can temporarily alter the shape of the nose in just minutes. It’s an option some patients are using to try out a new look, particularly if they’re already considering rhinoplasty, says Rod Rohrich, M.D., Chair of Plastic Surgery.

“This procedure uses injectable fillers, rather than surgery, to smooth out and shape bumps and contours in the nose,” says Dr. Rohrich. “Results are immediate, and there’s little or no downtime. Most patients can return to work the same day.”

But, Dr. Rohrich cautions, results are not permanent. Nor is it an appropriate solution for every patient. It won’t fix major deformities, for instance, or substantially reduce the size of a nose.

“Most results will last one to two years, and then patients can either get another injection or choose to have traditional rhinoplasty. Using the filler first is often a good way for patients to see how their nose can be altered,” he says.

Instant rhinoplasty is not a replacement for traditional rhinoplasty. “By far, traditional surgery is the most effective way to achieve permanent, long-lasting results,” Dr. Rohrich says.

Insider Tip

Whether considering instant rhinoplasty or traditional rhinoplasty, make sure you see a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty and in the use of fillers, Dr. Rohrich advises. “Rhinoplasty, in particular, is among the most difficult cosmetic surgeries performed,” he says. “And for instant rhinoplasty, your surgeon should use only specific, FDA-approved fillers.”

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