7 Simple Ways Dr. Bruce Elliston Beats His Stress


Laughs it Off

"A sense of humor helps me defuse stress during the workday. Usually I try and think of something funny about myself (which is all too easy) or about life, then I share that with a patient or staff member.”


Sets Priorities

As deadlines and obligations mushroom, makes a list of what needs to be accomplished fist that day or that week. “Organizing a sometimes overwhelming list of ‘to dos’ gives me some sense of control over a busy and at times chaotic schedule.”


Sweats it Off

Burns off the tress hormone adrenaline after work with as little as 20 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical machine three times per week. Exercises on weekends with up to 60 minutes of weight lifting, tennis, and/or jogging.


Listens to the Beat

“Listening to music helps to soothe my nerves when I focus on the lyrics and orchestration.” Opts for fast-tempo music when exercising; easy listening when he just needs to de-stress."


Bonds With Loved Ones

Comes home at the end of the workday and debriefs with his family. “This can be as simple as just asking my wife and children how their day went. By listening and focusing on my family, rather than on me, I’m able to reduce the stress.”


Reads at Night

Usually reads a little before bedtime. “It gets my mind off of work or situational stress. It’s light reading, though – not something nail-biting like world news on the front page!”


Gets Spiritual

“When I’m going through daily challenges, I strive to keep a prayerful, positive attitude, which puts problems into perspective and renders peace of mind.”

Bruce Elliston, M.D., Medical Director of Occupational Health, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine