Your Visit or Stay

UT Southwestern Medical Center is committed to delivering compassionate and attentive care to all our patients, and to making visits here as convenient and comfortable as possible.


As part of our commitment, we offer a variety of services for patients and guests, including:

Things You Need to Know

Comments or Concerns?

If patients are concerned about any aspect of their care, UT Southwestern wants to hear about it. We depend upon our patients and their guests to notify us when a problem arises so that we can take action to correct it and ensure that our services are the best they can be.

Patient Assistance Office

The Patient Assistance Office is available to assist patients and their guests who have comments or concerns about any aspect of their visit. You may reach the Patient Assistance Office by calling 214-648-0500.

Clinic Managers

If you have any concerns while at a clinic, please bring those to the Manager's attention. At each UT Southwestern facility, a sign displays the name of the Manager, as well as his or her telephone number. 

It is our policy to respect and protect the rights of all patients. During illness, health care providers have a special responsibility to be an advocate for patients, to ensure their rights are protected.