Participate in Research

Research is a vital part of advancing medical knowledge and finding better ways to treat, prevent, diagnose, and understand human disease. Clinical research is medical research that involves people like you. Many of the most important discoveries made at UT Southwestern could not have happened without research volunteers. If you had an opportunity to help with the research process and play a role in the future of medicine, would you take it?

Why Do People Volunteer?

Different people have different reasons for becoming a research volunteer. Some possible reasons people participate in research studies include:

  • To help improve medical care
  • To make a difference
  • To improve their own health
  • To access treatment options that might not be available outside the research setting 

Count Me In: I am the Future of Medicine

UT Southwestern has created an opportunity for patients to enroll in our Research Participant Registry, a database that matches volunteers (healthy or with a particular condition) with research studies that need participants. These studies might be clinical trials to test new medicines or devices, or research that use interviews or surveys to better understand health and behavior.

Enrollment in the Registry is completely voluntary. It simply informs our researchers of your interest and allows them to access your information if they have a study you might qualify for. Researchers will describe any future study to you and you can choose whether or not to participate at that time. Can we count you in?

Learn more about clinical research or watch our video about the importance of participating in research at UT Southwestern: