Labor and Delivery

At UT Southwestern, we are committed to providing the highest-quality service and medical care throughout your labor and delivery. 


You will be asked to preregister because maternity admissions can occur on short notice. Preregistering allows some information from the prenatal chart at your doctor’s office to be transferred to your hospital record. 

For active labor, arrival to Labor and Delivery is through the emergency room. 

Labor and Delivery Rooms

The labor and delivery and recovery rooms combine modern technology with a warm, homelike environment, resulting in a safe, comfortable delivery for both you and your baby. 

The typical stay in Labor and Delivery is 1 to 1½ hours after a vaginal delivery. After a Cesarean birth, the stay is typically two hours.

During this time visitors are welcome. If you desire to breastfeed your child, your nurse can assist you. Your newborn also will receive eye ointment and have footprints taken.

Visiting Regulations 

During labor you may have two visitors at a time. If you have more than two visitors, they are welcome to wait in the waiting room and take turns. A spouse or support person is encouraged to be with you to participate in the birth experience. Any additional visitors present during the actual delivery must have prior approval from your physician and nurse. For your safety and privacy, please have all visitors use the waiting room and not wait in the hallways. The visiting policy will be adjusted based on current infection guidelines. We reserve the right to limit visitors under certain situations. 

Mother-Baby Unit 

When you and your baby are moved to the mother-baby unit, identification bands will be issued to you, your baby, and the baby's father. For safety and security reasons all hospital staff on the mother-baby unit are required to wear yellow ID badges. Your baby will wear a special ID band, which triggers an alarm if the baby is removed from the mother-baby area without authorization.

You are encouraged to keep your baby with you in your room. You and your baby are cared for as a pair, receiving your nursing care from the same nurse. This promotes educational opportunities along with open communication between you and your nurse.

Discharge Information 

Before you are discharged, you will have an opportunity to watch a DVD to further familiarize you with your newborn.