Rehabilitation Counseling Clinic

At UT Southwestern Medical Center, rehabilitation counseling espouses an inclusive, interdisciplinary, and biopsychosocial approach that empowers people with disabilities to accept responsibility, achieve greater independence, and exercise control over personal and vocational aspects of their lives. Our rehabilitation counselors value the whole person and help our patient's optimize their strengths and abilities while adjusting to limitations.

Who We Are

At the Rehabilitation Counseling Clinic, we hope to provide a safe environment to:

  • Explore and share feelings and thoughts that are related to disabilities, personal interactions, and workplace concerns
  • Support you in your effort to change self‐defeating behaviors and beliefs
  • Teach new techniques and skills, enabling you to live a more productive life
  • Help you to see and understand your behavior in a supportive environment through the help of other group members
  • Encourage and guide you in realistic short and long term goal setting
  • Listen to each other

Our Services

Personal and Social Adjustment Training

The Personal and Social Adjustment (PSA) group explores how you can motivate yourself to achieve your personal goals. We provide information on constructive methods of understanding and dealing with work-related and social problems. Our focus is to assist and support you while you make the changes that you want to make and hopefully in the process you become successful and happy in the workplace.

Training groups include:

Self-Management Skills
How to set and meet personal and work‐related goals. We address self‐esteem, priority setting, and coping skills.
Social Skills and Communication
How to understand others and be understood. We talk about how to set boundaries and assert feelings, thoughts, wants, and needs.  
Rational Thinking and Productive Actions
Understanding beliefs, problem solving, strategies for change, and overcoming behavior that causes you problems or keeps you from meeting your goals.
Vocational Exploration
Explores realistic careers, personal strengths and limitations, workplace accommodations, interview skills, and workplace expectations.

Supported Employment

Supported employment is about going to work in a competitive, integrated work setting. We provide individualized assistance specially tailored to your needs. We also help you enter into competitive employment with the support you need to be successful.

The program helps people:

  • Find competitive employment positions that meet their job preferences and goals
  • Complete job applications and prepare for interviews
  • Determine how wages may affect cash and medical benefits such as SSI, SSDI, Medical Assistance, and Medicare
  • Figure out transportation options to travel to and from work
  • Develop and work on long-term career plans and supports
  • Learn communication and socialization skills to build healthy relationships with supervisors, coworkers, and others

We also provide comprehensive psychological evaluations for adults with disabilities seeking diagnostic information to guide their career and vocational planning.