Parking and Transportation


Free short- and long-term valet parking is provided for all Radiation Oncology patients visiting the Moncrief Building. For both valet services, patients should bring their valet ticket to the desk where they check in for appointments, and the staff will validate it.

  • Hours: Monday – Friday, 6:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • Fee: Free for patients with a clinic-validated valet ticket; $25 for vendors (Seay Building entrance only)

Forest Park Entrance: Short-Term (up to an hour)

  • Available for Radiation Oncology patients only; no visitors or vendors.
  • Located at the circular drive entrance to the Moncrief Building on Forest Park Road, just north of Inwood Road.
  • Typically, patients who receive daily radiation treatments need less than an hour for their treatment and should use the Forest Park valet service.
  • Bring the pink valet ticket inside to be stamped.

Inwood/Redfield Entrance: Long-Term (more than an hour)

  • Available for Radiation Oncology patients, visitors, and vendors.
  • Located in front of the Seay Building, 2201 Inwood Road.
  • Initial consultations, CT imaging, MRI studies, and multiple physician visits in one day generally require more time, so these Radiation Oncology patients should use the Seay Building valet service.
  • Enter from Inwood Road at the Redfield Road stoplight.
  • Bring the cream-colored valet ticket inside to be stamped.

Public Transportation

DART operates two bus routes from the Inwood/Love Field Rail Station to Forest Park Road:

The Moncrief Building is the first bus stop north of Inwood Road. Other public transportation is also available to the UT Southwestern campus.

Shuttle Service

Once on campus, patients and visitors may ride UT Southwestern's free shuttle bus service to many of our buildings.

Driving Directions

The Moncrief Building is located on the west side of Forest Park Road, between Inwood Road and Mockingbird Lane. For more detailed directions, call 214-648-6264.