Campaign Chair William T. Solomon and Wife, Gay, Make a Lead Gift

Bill Solomon is a strong believer in UT Southwestern’s ability to transform health care in North Texas. As Chairman of the Medical Center’s Building the Future of Medicine campaign, he is committed to helping raise $200 million to build a new University Hospital.

Mr. Solomon believes there is a unique culture of philanthropy in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex that sets it apart from other areas. “Early on, the citizens of Dallas and Fort Worth acquired a great sense of pride in their communities and shared a strong desire to help build their cities,” said Mr. Solomon. “People are inspired by the vision and generosity of others and decide that they want to be equally supportive of building a greater community.”

Perhaps the most important aspect of any community is the health of its citizens, which is why Mr. Solomon has supported UT Southwestern so generously in the past and is now leading the fundraising effort for the new hospital.

“This hospital is critical to North Texas, not just in terms of the number of beds it will make available, but more so what it will bring qualitatively to the community,” said Mr. Solomon. “The new University Hospital will provide North Texans with the leading-edge clinical care that they would expect from the best academic medical centers in the country and give them access to state-of-the-art innovations and facilities.”

This is the second capital campaign Mr. Solomon has chaired on behalf of UT Southwestern. “The more exposure you have to UT Southwestern, the more engaged you become in its mission,” said Mr. Solomon. “The exceptional quality of its educational, research, and clinical programs is something all North Texans should take pride in and support.”

Sharing this vision and leading by example, Mr. Solomon and his wife, Gay, have made generous gifts to both of the capital campaigns he has chaired for UT Southwestern. In fact, the couple’s $1 million gift to the Building the Future of Medicine campaign was one of the lead gifts for the new hospital.

“I have supported UT Southwestern for more than 20 years, which has given me the opportunity to get an up-close view of what makes academic medicine so unique,” said Mr. Solomon. “UT Southwestern’s ability to transform scientific breakthroughs into lifesaving interventions for patients means that North Texans have access to the very best medical care in the world. Gay’s and my personal commitment is a testament to the importance of these efforts and their prospects for success.”