Your Care Providers

Our team’s primary focus is your health and well-being. William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital is a leading academic hospital, with caregivers working collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams to ensure you receive the most effective care possible.

Patient with care team at Clements University Hospital

During your visit, your care team will likely consist of several medical professionals, all of whom are highly trained and ready to help. Team members can include:

Attending physicians
Doctors who practice medicine with a focus on a particular specialty
Physicians who treat hospital patients with general medical needs
Physicians who are pursuing specialty medical training at UT Southwestern Medical Center
Physicians who are completing an advanced training program at UT Southwestern in a particular specialty
Physician assistants (PAs)
Medical professionals who hold special certifications and are licensed by the state of Texas to examine, diagnose, and treat patients
Registered nurses (RNs)
Nursing professionals who have graduated from a nursing program and are licensed by the state of Texas
Nurse practitioners
Nurses with graduate training and experience treating specific medical conditions
Care coordinators
Health care professionals who work with your physicians, nurses, and nurse practitioners to coordinate your plan of care and help meet your treatment needs 
Social service experts
Dedicated professionals who are available as a resource for you and your family to help with emotional and practical needs and to coordinate your post-hospital stay needs