Our Facility

William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital is a facility unlike any other. The distinctive hospital was thoughtfully designed to enhance patient care and comfort, provide a welcoming environment for visitors and family members, and support our medical professionals in delivering safe, effective, and compassionate care.

Discover our state-of-the art hospital and how it was designed to deliver the future of medicine, today.

In many ways, our hospital is like a member of our care team. Its innovative design and advanced technology enable caregivers to provide the highest possible level of patient care, safety, and comfort. For instance:

  • Nurse alcoves are located immediately outside patient rooms, enabling nurses to spend less time getting to patients and more time with them.
  • Patient rooms, surgical suites, and other areas are laid out intuitively, empowering our medical team to act quickly and effectively.
  • Specialties that typically collaborate in a patient’s care are stacked vertically on adjacent floors, allowing physicians to move quickly and efficiently between floors, rather than traversing long hallways to get to patients in need.
  • The building’s unique architecture makes it easier for patients, staff, and visitors to navigate the facility. Its peaceful, private atmosphere encourages patients and loved ones to focus on healing.
  • All public areas face the outside, so you’ll always know where you are. Calming, creatively designed landscaping, including a special garden for patients who are able to go outside, surrounds the facility.