Shared Governance

The shared governance model at UT Southwestern Medical Center is an organizational structure in which clinical nurses have a voice in determining nursing practice, standards, and quality of care.

Our Shared Governance Council structure is built on the foundation of teams coming together to create and implement actions that result in quality patient outcomes. Nurses from all areas expand their awareness, broaden their knowledge, and enhance their ability to make the best decisions for our patients and their families.

Keys to Success

  • A sufficient nursing structure exists to attain and sustain consistency of patient care throughout the hospital.
  • Collaboration and communication between nurses is supported across the continuum.
  • Nurses are dedicated to providing quality, evidence-based, individualized nursing care in all areas where nursing is practiced.
  • Nurses participate in the shared governance structure.
  • Nurses respond with flexibility to changes.
  • The shared governance structure is supported by human and fiscal resources.

This approach fosters an atmosphere of teamwork and professionalism and empowers every nurse to take ownership and pride in their work and to have a voice in their nursing units.