UT Southwestern is one of the country's leading academic medical centers, dedicated to medical education and training, research, and patient care.  

We provide innovative, patient-oriented services ranging from preventive care to world-class treatment in a wide variety of specialties.

Our university hospitals and hospital-based clinics annually provide care to more than 27,968 hospitalized patients and oversee nearly 356,838 outpatient visits. We also provide $71.9 million in uncompensated care annually.

We have 576 beds and more than 12,00 nurses caring for these patients.

UT Southwestern Nursing Mission

To elevate quality, safety, and service to our patients through excellence in professional nursing practice, education, research, and collaboration.

UT Southwestern Nursing Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing quality nursing care through effective use of resources and development of innovative programs in clinical practice, research, and education.

We value the worth, dignity, and autonomy of our patients and their families. We believe each patient has unique physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs that are served through personalized, compassionate care.

We recognize and encourage each nurse to care for themselves in body, mind, and spirit as a critical element in achieving clinical excellence. Nurses at UT Southwestern are encouraged to nurture and support each other and their colleagues in an environment that fosters teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Partnering with our colleagues affords us the opportunity for common goal-setting through trust, mutual respect, and a commitment to open and honest communication in serving our patients.

UT Southwestern Nursing Vision

Nursing at UT Southwestern is committed to being a national leader among academic health centers that provide high-quality, safe, and innovative patient care and which are a model for excellence in professional nursing practice, education, and research.

UT Southwestern Nursing Values

Nursing is committed to the UT Southwestern Health System core values of:

  • Innovation
  • Compassion
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Excellence

Guiding Principles

Our Commitment to Our Patients – And Each Other

  • I will do my part to make the hospital environment a peaceful, quiet place dedicated to the healing of the body and spirit.
  • I will anticipate the needs of patients and their families rather than waiting to be asked for assistance.
  • I will own and resolve every problem I can, or personally hand over the problem to someone who can resolve it.
  • I will respect the confidentiality of patients, their families and my colleagues through discrete conversation and attention to privacy.
  • I will be responsible for keeping our work environments clean and safe.
  • I will dress professionally, and I will speak and conduct myself in a manner which always keeps the focus on our patients.