Our Hereditary Cancer Team

Our certified genetic counselors at Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center encourage medical professionals to contact our team for additional information on cancer syndromes, genetic testing, patient care, referrals, and genetic counseling.

Cancer Genetics Program Director

Genetic Counselors

  • Jordan Berg, MS, CGC
  • Maggie Clifford, MS, CGC
  • Remington Fenter, MS, CGC
  • Amber Gemmell, MS, CGC
  • Jillian Huang,  M.S., M.P.H, CGC
  • Sayoni Lahiri, M.S., CGC
  • Caitlin Mauer, M.S., M.A., CGC
  • Jacqueline Mersch, M.S., CGC
  • Sara Pirzadeh-Miller, M.S., CGC (Assistant Director)
  • Parker Read, MS, CGC
  • Brian Reys, M.S., CGC
  • Elise Watson, M.S., CGC
  • John Zimmerman, MS, CGC