Professional Development

Clinical Ladder

Professional development that supports increased proficiency and expertise is essential for UT Southwestern (UTSW) Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) to reach top of license within their scope of practice. Recognition of the efforts and accomplishments put forth by clinically focused APPs is available annually with the Advanced Practice Clinical Ladder (APPCL).

APP physician performing ear examination on patient

The APPCL is a clinical provider professional development track that is available to all non-faculty nurse practitioners (NP), physician assistants (PA), clinical nurse specialists (CNS), and certified nurse midwives (CNM) who are not in a leadership, management, or administrative role at UT Southwestern.

Entrance into any level of the APPCL is acknowledgment of the intent to strive towards enhancement and clinical growth that is consistent, and essential for high-quality, evidence-based care. Promotion within the APPCL is based on recognition of the rigor that was put forth by the individual APP.

Mentoring Program

UT Southwestern is committed to delivering patient care that focuses on quality, safety, and service to improve the health care in our community through innovation and education. APPs play an integral role in the care provided throughout the Health System.

APP physician and nurse discussing patient care

A mentoring program is available to support, enhance, and develop the APPs along specific professional tracks. Whether the APP is a novice or expert, a partnership is available to help them with their professional growth. Each mentor/mentee relationship begins with the development of specific objectives and ends with measurement of outcomes. This is an exciting program that delivers benefits for APPs and their Health System colleagues and patients.

Office of Development and Training (ODT) and Academy for Career Enrichment (ACE)

APP physcian reviewing patient results

The Office of Development and Training is committed to lifelong learning of staff and faculty and one important tool to accomplish this is the Taleo Learn website at UT Southwestern. This is a one-stop online shop with materials specifically designed for APPs training and development. 

Academic Clinical Provider Lecture Series

The UT Southwestern Academic Clinical Provider Lecture Series provides the highest quality of continuing medical education to our APPs and surrounding community physician assistants and advanced practice nurses.

This monthly activity provides a forum to review and discuss the clinical management of patients, and to evaluate issues confronted by providers today. With lecturers from all disciplines (medicine, allied health, legal experts, researchers, and more) the Lecture Series fosters interdisciplinary collaboration. 

APP-Specific Residencies and Fellowships

To assist with the increasingly complex patients and highly specialized care that is warranted, UT Southwestern offers intensive, full-time residency and fellowship programs through didactic and clinical curricula and trains select individuals in the particular area of practice.

APP physician adjusting patient's medication

Current training programs that are available include: