About Us

At UT Southwestern Medical Center, advanced practice providers practice in Zale Lipshy University Hospital and William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital, as well as ambulatory and hospital-based clinics.

We incorporate Lead APPs in those clinical service areas with a large concentration of APPs. Rhonda Hough DNP, R.N., CPNP-AC, Director of Advanced Practice Providers, provides administrative leadership for the growing number of APPs at UT Southwestern.

Rhonda Hough DNP, R.N.
Rhonda Hough DNP, R.N., CPNP-AC, Director of Advanced Practice Providers

Our APPs are committed to providing highly competent and expert care, including:

  • Episodic care in clinics and emergency department
  • Managing critical illnesses in the University Hospitals
  • Serving as a resource and consultant for patients, families, and services
  • Providing continuity of care for chronic illnesses
  • Facilitating transitions of care and improving access to care

Our APPs have diverse interests and opportunities to actively engage in a variety of professional activities, including:

  • Clinical research studies
  • Quality improvement projects
  • Precepting advanced practice students
  • Committee membership and committee leadership
  • Mentoring peers

Our APPs are successful regionally, nationally, and internationally as demonstrated by publications, abstracts, authors, and presentations.