Airway Narrowing

A narrow airway restricts breathing. Symptoms typically include difficulty with inhalation and noisy breathing.

Causes of Airway Narrowing

The common causes of airway narrowing include:

  • Previous tracheostomy procedures
  • Prolonged or traumatic intubation
  • Scarring of the vocal cords
  • Vocal cord paralysis

Diagnosing Airway Narrowing

Our laryngologists will use a scope to inspect the larynx, trachea, and other areas of the airway to determine the cause and location of the problem.

Treating Airway Narrowing

Treatment of narrowing airway involves stretching and widening the airway with endoscopic techniques and lasers. In severe cases, a tracheostomy creates a hole in the neck to allow the passage of air into the lungs and bypass the narrowing.

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