Accredited Non-Invasive Vascular Laboratories

UT Southwestern Medical Center’s non-invasive vascular laboratories are among the first to receive accreditation by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL). This honor recognizes our commitment to providing testing of the highest quality in vascular, cerebrovascular, peripheral, arterial, venous, and renal examinations.

Our non-invasive vascular laboratories provide physicians with expedited examination reports to ensure that patients’ diagnoses and treatments are delivered as quickly as possible. As a result, UT Southwestern vascular specialists can promptly discuss the available treatment options with their patients.

UT Southwestern’s vascular specialists are dedicated to providing patients with attentive and compassionate care, combined with the most advanced medical resources available for the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of patients’ conditions. When you arrive at the non-invasive vascular lab, a registered vascular technologist will thoroughly explain how the examination will be conducted and attentively guide you through the examination.

Each vascular examination is based on a thorough evaluation of your medical history and diagnosis, and a UT Southwestern vascular physician will promptly interpret test results for review by the patient’s physicians. Urgent examinations are available, with results delivered on a same-day basis.