Reconstructive Urology

Reconstructive urology surgery can help patients with conditions such as birth defects, cancer, neurological disorders, male and female incontinence, strictures, scar tissue in the urinary tract organs, and pelvic floor prolapse

Reconstructive urology can also help repair traumatic injuries to the kidney, ureter, bladder, and genitals. Traumatic injuries are often associated with pelvic fractures that can happen as a result of things like motor vehicle accidents or falls, and can often lead to scar tissue formation in the urethra.

Urologic conditions treated and reconstructive therapies offered at UT Southwestern Medical Center include:

  • Bladder augmentation
  • Bladder fistulas
  • Bladder trauma
  • Erectile dysfunction surgery
  • Kidney trauma
  • Penile trauma
  • Peyronie's disease
  • Surgical management of male and female urinary incontinence
  • Testicular trauma
  • Urethral stricture
  • Urethral trauma
  • Urinary diversion


Practicing in one of the nation’s leading medical and research facilities, UT Southwestern’s physicians provide each patient with an individual, personalized approach to treatment.

In addition, UT Southwestern also offers a clinical trials program for the prevention and detection of conditions associated with reconstructive urology. Patients who qualify for a study may be offered therapies that show particular promise in treating their condition years before the therapies are available to the public.

Our experience in conducting some of the most advanced research into the causes and cures for urologic conditions that require reconstructive surgery enables UT Southwestern to provide patients with the best possible medical care – all in a caring and compassionate environment.

Our Specialists

Our specialists are recognized as international leaders in reconstructive urology.

Our team includes:

  • A leading physician in adult reconstructive urology, who trained at San Francisco General and gained experience working for the U.S. military, where complex reconstructive cases are common
  • An expert in vaginal surgery for incontinence and prolapse and all aspects of the most complex pelvic reconstructive surgeries
  • The first doctor to perform buccal mucosa grafting in complex female genital reconstruction for certain intersex states
  • The leader in hypospadias repair. In fact, the most commonly performed operative procedure currently in use around the world to correct this congenital defect in the opening of the urethra is often referred to as the “Snodgrass repair”