Living Kidney Donation

Living kidney donations offer transplant patients a number of advantages, while ensuring that donors’ health and interests also are protected.

Patients with advanced kidney disease who are candidates for kidney transplantation – and who wish to pursue this option – can receive compatible kidneys from both living and deceased donors.

On the whole, patients transplanted with kidneys from living donors achieve long-term outcomes and survival rates that are significantly better than those who receive kidneys from non-living (deceased) donors.

Living donation provides many advantages over traditional deceased donor transplantation:

UT Southwestern’s kidney transplant specialists
  • Through living donation, patients avoid the waiting list, which is at least four to seven years for a deceased donor organ.
  • With genetic matches achieved through living donation, there is a decrease in the risk of organ rejection.
  • The transplant can be scheduled at a time convenient for both the living donor and the transplant candidate. In fact, if planned correctly, dialysis may be avoided completely.
  • Studies indicate that dialysis shortens a patient’s lifespan. Living donations allow transplants to occur much sooner (months, as opposed to years), meaning less dialysis and longer, healthier lives.
  • Success rates improve with living donor kidneys. Living donor kidneys are transplanted immediately after removal, allowing the kidney to begin to function in the recipient much faster.
  • A living-donor kidney lasts longer than a deceased-donor kidney.

For these reasons, our kidney transplant experts encourage kidney transplantation candidates to actively pursue living donation when possible.

Simple, Convenient Application

We are making the process of donation faster and easier for potential donors. We now offer a simple, online application that can provide instant feedback on whether or not a person is a good candidate for donation. Anyone can apply, and our medical team will carefully evaluate each application.

Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with one of our living kidney donation specialists or to learn more about what UT Southwestern offers to patients with advanced kidney disease, call 214-645-1919.

Potential patients can apply online to be considered for a kidney transplant. Applications are available in both English and Spanish.


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