Talking About Transplant

Many people may volunteer to donate a kidney to help a family member or friend. However, there are situations in which the recipient may need to ask for this help.

We recognize that asking for this help may be an uncomfortable situation and offer the following suggestions:

  • Make the need for a kidney transplant known to all family members and close friends.
  • Share information, such as this site, in an effort to educate family members and friends about the advantages of living donation.
  • Consider each potential donor’s personality and decide the best ways to approach him or her.
  • Assure the potential donor that he/she is under no obligation to donate and that his/her decision will in no way affect your relationship in a negative manner.
  • Allow the potential donor time to consider all aspects of the procedure and make a final decision.
  • Don’t attempt to pressure someone into saying yes. If the initial decision is no, then leave it at that.
  • Encourage anyone who might be interested in donating to contact the transplant center. We will schedule a time to talk with the potential donor and provide him/her with educational materials. Make it clear to potential donors that just because they contact the transplant center doesn’t mean that they have to donate.

One of the most important things to do when talking to someone about living donation is to offer education. Helping potential donors have a clear understanding of the difference living donation can make in both your lives, and the risks and benefits associated with living donation, will allow them to make a decision based on a good understanding of what’s at stake and what’s required.