Kidney Transplant Evaluation and Waiting List

The decision to perform a kidney transplant – as opposed to ongoing dialysis treatment – depends on a variety of factors. These include patients’ overall health, the severity of their kidney condition, the availability of suitable donor kidneys, and patient preferences and treatment goals. Our kidney experts work with you and your loved ones to make the most appropriate treatment choices.

Time is of utmost importance to people waiting for kidney transplants. One of the strengths of our Kidney Transplant Program is that we spend an average of less than 15 weeks conducting comprehensive pre-transplantation evaluations on prospective transplant recipients – and less than six weeks on prospective kidney donors.

Those are considerably shorter time frames than national averages, thanks largely to our statewide satellite locations. This network of clinics allows our kidney transplant specialists to see more patients faster, shortening the wait and expediting care.

These patient workups are critical in helping us determine if kidney transplantation is appropriate. If we believe that a kidney transplant is the best treatment option for you – and you wish to pursue this option – your name is added to the national United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) waiting list.

Your wait status is dictated by how sick you are and the availability of suitable donor kidneys, which come from both cadavers and living donors. (Nearly one in three of the kidneys we transplant come from living donors.) The average wait for an appropriate donor kidney is about four to six years, depending on blood type.