Transplant Program: About Us

UT Southwestern Medical Center is nationally recognized for our comprehensive and robust solid organ transplant program, which has performed more than 1,300 lifesaving transplants of various types since its inception with the first kidney transplant in Texas.

Over time, we have grown to include transplants for the heart, lung, and liver. While continuing basic research that enhances bedside care as well as training experts in the respective fields, we are able to combine multidisciplinary, comprehensive services to yield some of the best patient outcomes in the state, making us an unparalleled referral destination for transplants.

Our Team

UT Southwestern transplantation teams are staffed with specially trained nurses who provide high-level care; social workers who focus on patients’ social and psychological well-being; pharmacists who specialize in designing, implementing, and counseling patients on individualized drug regimens; dietitians who provide nutritional support; clinical coordinators who follow the patient from the initial evaluation through the life of the organ; and financial coordinators who assist with the financial aspects of the transplant process, from evaluation through postoperative care.

Together, with a vision focused solely on transplantation, the full teams of physicians, surgeons, and all allied health specialists are fully integrated into one of the most sophisticated medical education and research centers in the country – a center uniquely able to forge new frontiers in transplantation and offer new beginnings for patients in our care.

UTSW transplant team