Minimally Invasive Surgery

Operations performed through smaller incisions are becoming standard in surgical medicine, and skill in using video endoscopic technology is critical to the success of today’s surgeon. UT Southwestern Medical Center is home to one of the country’s most comprehensive educational facilities for minimally invasive surgery.

Our Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery equips physicians, surgeons, and nurses with the latest techniques used in laparoscopic surgery, including Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery.

In June 2006 this program was one of only seven in North America to receive accreditation as a Level I American College of Surgeons (ACS) Accredited Education Institute.

The Center offers immediate access to physicians who specialize in specific disorders, including:

Laparoscopic surgery is often the procedure of choice of physicians and patients since it means less trauma to the patient’s body, less blood loss, smaller surgical scars, and reduced recovery time.

At UT Southwestern, our patients receive care from a team of specialists who work together to determine a diagnosis and create a personalized treatment plan. This collaborative team approach provides accurate diagnoses and timely surgical intervention when needed.