Colorectal Surgery

UT Southwestern Medical Center is a recognized leader in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Our expert physicians routinely treat the spectrum of colorectal illnesses, including:


At UT Southwestern, a team of specialists works together to create a comprehensive, personalized treatment program for you. Genetic evaluation and counseling is available for inherited colorectal cancer syndromes.

Colorectal Robotic Surgery

Our highly trained robotic surgeons can perform minimally invasive colorectal robotic surgery to remove colon and retcal polyps and tumors.

Our Specialists

Our physicians are trained in the latest surgical techniques, including minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery. This type of procedure offers patients a range of benefits, including shortened recovery time, decreased postoperative pain, and less noticeable scarring.

In addition, our surgeons are skilled in sphincter-preserving colon and rectal surgery, surgery for anal incontinence and rectal prolapse, and both operative and medical therapies for anal diseases and complaints.