Innovations in Breast Reconstruction

With fat grafting or flaps, patients should expect less down time and more natural, aesthetic results. There will also be less aggressive surgery to achieve the same results that used to be achieved with more aggressive surgery.

However, this option does not apply to every woman that needs breast reconstruction. The classical methods are more effective for some patients. Our plastic surgeons can offer guidance on the strategy that will result in the best outcomes for you.

Autologous Tissue-Based Reconstruction

This procedure offers the newest advancements to sculpt and shape breasts that look and feel natural. The surgeon uses either a fat graft or flap made up of tissue transplanted from somewhere on your body. When tissue is taken from the abdomen, you will also receive a tummy tuck. This is suitable for women who do not have enough skin to cover an implant.

It may allow for sensation to the reconstructed breast.

Implant Reconstruction

Implant reconstruction offers the shortest operative time and is the simplest breast reconstruction surgery.

During the initial surgery, a tissue expander is placed under the pectoralis muscle. It is then filled with saline until the proper volume is achieved. Our surgeons then use either a saline or silicone implant for the reconstruction.

Good candidates include:

  • Women with an adequate skin pocket to hold an implant
  • Those who do not have adequate tissue for reconstruction or who do not want to use their own tissue
  • Those without a history of radiation treatment

Combination Implant and Autologous Reconstruction

This technique combines using implants and flaps, where tissue from one part of the body is used in the reconstruction.