Facial Reanimation

With facial reanimation procedures, we target one goal – restoring movement while allowing for symmetrical animation of the face.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons are among a handful of specialists in Texas, as well as the country, offering facial reanimation. We offer options for people who are suffering from facial paralysis due to illness (including Bell’s palsy), trauma, and those born with disorders affecting the face's ability to move.

Whether treatment is for an adult or pediatric patient, facial reanimation procedures are highly complex, requiring a precise balance between microvascular and reconstructive surgery techniques. Restoring dynamic movement typically involves the nerves and muscles of the face, as well as the functions of vision and speech.

Because of the complexity of issues patients face before and after facial reanimation procedures, we offer a team approach to care. Our patients receive highly specialized care from UT Southwestern Medical Center plastic surgeons, neurologists, neurosurgeons, head and neck specialists, pediatricians, and/or other physicians and medical professionals, as appropriate.