Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

UT Southwestern Medical Center's plastic surgeons have significant experience in performing rhinoplasty procedures on a wide variety of patients, including older and younger men and women of all ethnicities.

This is a highly complex surgery, requiring surgical finesse and an exceptional sense of aesthetics. One millimeter can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful procedure. Our surgeons artfully reshape the nose and address its underlying structure. In some cases, rhinoplasty can be used to improve breathing problems.

New & Noteworthy

"The Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium is among the premier teaching conferences in the world. It offers surgeons an opportunity to learn the latest advances in rhinoplasty to achieve the best functioning and aesthetic results possible."

Rod J. Rohrich, M.D.
Professor, Plastic Surgery

At UT Southwestern, we stress the importance of making sure rhinoplasty is based on the individual. All treatment plans are customized for each patient. Having a nose that fits your facial features is more important than having a nose like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, or Blake Lively. The outcome will look natural and be in balance with your face.

Effective, Innovative Nose Surgery

Many of our patients are interested in nose surgery either to enhance their look or simply to feel more confident. Our surgeons are experienced in performing rhinoplasty to reshape the tip of the nose, reduce a dorsal hump, narrow the dorsal width, or reduce the span of the nostrils. Surgery may also be performed to correct a deviated septum.

As we age, the shape of our face changes and the nose is no exception. Using rhinoplasty to reshape a younger person’s nose is an entirely different process than treating the effects that age causes on our noses.

Because rhinoplasty is a procedure of subtlety that will have a significant impact on the way your face looks, be sure to do your homework. It is important to have the surgery that is in line with your physiology and age because your nose will continue to age along with the rest of your face after rhinoplasty surgery.

UT Southwestern’s board-certified plastic surgeons provide expert guidance regarding nose surgery procedures during an introductory meeting or initial consult. Your physician can also show you how your new nose will look.

Correcting Medical Conditions

Not all nose surgeries address cosmetic reasons. Some are to correct medical conditions. UT Southwestern Plastic Surgery offers rhinoplasty and septoplasty, a corrective surgical procedure to straighten the nasal septum, the divider between the nasal cavities. We perform septoplasty to help individuals with breathing difficulties, sinus and migraine headaches, as well as those with birth defects or an injury to the nose.

Secondary Rhinoplasty

Many of our patients need secondary rhinoplasty procedures to correct imperfections from a previous nose surgery. We generally recommend patients allow some time to heal from their first surgery before having a corrective procedure. We can discuss revision options during a consult.

If You Are Considering Nose Surgery

  • Effective procedures do not generally hurt.
  • Full results will not be visible for a few weeks after the procedure.
  • Procedures generally take one to two hours.
  • You will experience temporary swelling, bruising, and some pain.
  • It’s important not to sniff or blow your nose for two weeks after having a rhinoplasty to prevent bleeding.