Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Pioneering work conducted at UT Southwestern Medical Center provides our board-certified plastic surgeons with insight on facial aging and effective cosmetic procedures. Our team combines approaches to achieve a natural, refreshed look and give patients the eyelid-surgery results they desire.

These innovative surgical techniques include blepharoplasty, brow lifts, and other minimally invasive treatments to eliminate droopy eyelids, sagging skin, and bags underneath the eyes. The advances our team continues to introduce offer significant advantages over some conventional methods, which are sometimes associated with a pulled, windswept look.

Recent advances include a five-step lower-eyelid rejuvenation process we pioneered to improve results and reduce the complexities of eye rejuvenation. This type of procedure may be considered challenging at other plastic surgery centers, but UT Southwestern simplified the surgical process to achieve a natural, more youthful look after the procedure.

New & Noteworthy

"Plastic surgery of the lower lid has historically inspired a confusing spectrum of surgical techniques. The five-step process our team introduced is designed to simplify complexities and provide better, more consistent results."

Rod J. Rohrich, M.D.
Professor, Plastic Surgery

New Concepts in Eye Rejuvenation

UT Southwestern’s research has shown that the separations between the fat compartments in the face become more apparent as someone ages and they lose volume in their face. We address the skin and underlying muscles while restoring any volume loss that has taken place. Our surgeons use small incisions, following the natural lines of the upper eyelid creases and the lash lines of the lower lids to surgically repair the eyelid. If needed, the outer part of the eye is also restored to create a natural look post-surgery.

The five-step approach to blepharoplasty for lower eyelid rejuvenation combines non-surgical and surgical options. We preserve the eyelid muscle to maintain your natural eye shape and contour – for safety and to keep the eye from becoming dry as you age. The malar fat compartment is also restored to smooth the transition zone between your eye and cheek. A filler substance, which may be your own stem-cell laden fat, can be used to augment the deep malar fat compartment in the cheek.

In addition to blepharoplasty, our plastic surgeons offer a new technique for repositioning the upper eyelid, called ptosis repair, to give a more rejuvenated look or improved visual field.

Brow Lift and Forehead Lift/Reshaping

Our plastic surgeons also perform a forehead or brow lift to address cosmetic eyelid and low or sagging eyebrow concerns. A brow lift is often combined with cosmetic eyelid surgery or non-surgical alternatives for many patients. The amount of brow lift depends on the level of eyebrow sagging, which is usually a result of aging.

Whether you are a candidate for a forehead and brow lift or other procedures involving the forehead, we use advanced, minimally invasive endoscopic incisions hidden in the scalp or within the hair line. By using state-of-the art endoscopic procedures, which allow for very small incisions, we are able to minimize post-operative discomfort and recovery times. 

If You Are Considering Eyelid Surgery and/or a Browlift

  • It is safe to combine eyelid surgery and/or a brow lift and facelift.
  • There may be temporary swelling, bruising, and some pain.
  • It may be 10-14 days before you can wear contact lenses again.
  • Most patients can return to activities such as work in about a week. Allow two to three weeks for strenuous activity, and four weeks for most of the swelling to go away.
  • Make sure the surgery is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in facial cosmetic surgery – and that the procedure is performed in an accredited facility such as University Hospital Outpatient Surgery Center.