CoolSculpting: Nonsurgical Body-Contouring Treatment

Some people have fat cells that are resistant to diet and exercise. These cells often settle around the trunk area. This type of fat is commonly referred to as back fat and love handles. CoolSculpting is a treatment UT Southwestern Plastic Surgery offers to help patients contour their abdomens, backs, and sides, eliminating stubborn fat without surgery. There is no down time or pain with this alternative.

Who Is a Candidate?

Typically, patients within 20 percent of their optimal weight (including those at an ideal weight), may be candidates for CoolSculpting. An individual also needs to have good skin elasticity. This is not a replacement for diet and exercise. Before recommending CoolSculpting, a UT Southwestern plastic surgeon determines if a patient is a good candidate for the procedure and answers any questions he or she may have.

How It Works

After an evaluation and development of an individualized treatment plan, your UT Southwestern plastic surgeon will apply CoolSculpting technology to freeze the fat cells underneath the skin. The fat cells gradually die and are eliminated naturally from the body.

Treatments take one to three hours and are performed in our offices. Results can be seen in two to three weeks after a CoolSculpting treatment. The full impact can be seen about three months after the procedure. Results are more effective for patients who exercise and have a healthy diet and good skin tone. Outcomes are permanent if a healthy weight is maintained.

Eating Healthy and Staying Fit Maximize Long-Term Benefits

Like other body-contouring procedures, patient involvement is needed to achieve the best possible results. The treatment does 50 percent of the work; however, for long-term impact it’s important for a patient to manage the remaining 50 percent by maintaining a healthy weight. UT Southwestern Plastic Surgery can partner with patients to provide tips and guidance if lifestyle changes involving diet and exercise are needed.

Unique Expertise with Body-Contouring Procedures

UT Southwestern Plastic Surgery offers a broad spectrum of expertise in body-contouring procedures. We are at the forefront of what works for individuals. If CoolSculpting is not the right option for a patient, we offer a variety of safe, effective alternatives for body contouring.

If You Are Considering CoolSculpting

  • The first step is an evaluation by a UTSW plastic surgeon to determine if you are a candidate.
  • We can provide tips on lifestyle changes, including healthy eating habits.
  • It’s important to receive care at an accredited medical facility from a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in liposuction.